Neil Duguid on how our User Access Matrix is delivering peace of mind to our customers.

Our COINS customers frequently tell how much easier they find it to copy an existing users access instead of starting from scratch. The introduction of OA has made COINS functionality much richer and more detailed.  In turn, this has meant more options and more control is required over user access and authority.  The administration of this can be time consuming and difficult to know if the right level of access has been given.

However, this ‘cut and paste’ approach could open your system up to potential misuse; perhaps the previous user had access to sensitive parts of the system the new user doesn’t need such as bank account details? And if you follow this approach, how can you be sure you will be able to provide auditors with clear transparency of who has access to what?

The additional challenge of wide-scale remote working created by the Covid-10 lockdown, demands even greater clarity on user access and segregation of duties. This transparency will support the financial integrity of your business and ensure you comply with auditing requirements.

At HISL we have recognised the challenges that our customer face and have invested our time developing a pre-built User Access Matrix. It is role-based providing clear transparency of who can do what and enables easier maintenance of user access.   We are supporting many customers and managing their user access via our Minder Support Service ( or providing customers with our matrix if they wish to manage it themselves.

If you would like a walk-though our User Access Matrix, please contact or call us on 0330 9950200.