HISL’s Managing Director, Eithne Rosenmeier, believes now could be the perfect time to move on from COINSPlus.

The evolution from COINSPlus to OA has been developing over the years with the first implementation in 2001.  Two new factors are encouraging the final tranche of customers towards the COINS OA start line.

Firstly, the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown has forced many customers to set up remote home working. Home working presents some challenges for people using COINSPlus – for example access from home computers, emailing of forms and quick access to enquiries – these glitches are all alleviated using OA. Secondly, COINS will cease to support COINSPlus in 2021 so time is running out for an orderly migration.

Many of our customers’ express fear and concern about moving to OA but it is not as difficult as people imagine. All of the underlying data remains the same with many of the improvements focussed on the user experience. We have found that in most cases the key to this move is around re-educating your users how to use COINS OA. It is not a new systems implementation with the challenges that this presents, though there is an opportunity to improve some of your current processes should you wish to.

COINS OA delivers some really important benefits to users including:

  • simple access via a browser
  • access to an extensive range of enquiries including use of standard tiles allowing your users quick and visual access to key metrics,
  • export of data to manipulate in Excel (our customers favourite!)
  • a platform for adopting improved processes such as workflows, document management and easier user access maintenance.

For some businesses the lockdown is providing a quieter BAU time, ideal for making this kind of migration. If you would like to unlock the advantages of efficient and effective working and benefit from our knowledge on previous implementations to enable a smooth migration please get in touch.

You can contact me directly at eithne@hisl.co.uk with any questions or I can send you our OA migration questionnaire to help you on your way.