Neil Duguid on why making the most of COINS is often about changing user behaviour.

If I had a COINS piggy bank it would be overflowing after hearing so many customers tell me “we really don’t know what we don’t know” during a COINS review.

I have learned over the years that the successful use of any system such as COINS, is as much, if not more, about behavioural science than technology.  You can have all the technology and processes in place but if you haven’t achieved user buy-in, you won’t enjoy the true benefits of your investment.  The most common cause of users struggling with their COINS implementation, is not created by issues with its functionality, but more to do with individual users not understanding their role across the COINS application.

Recently a customer told me, “I’m quite enjoying using COINS” which feels like pretty good feedback.  To get all your users into this mind-set you need to promote the adoption of best practice processes. At HISL, we have created a framework to run process reviews across your departments with an emphasis on individual and teams of users’ interaction with COINS. The results will provide your organisation with a set of high value recommendations which will help you achieve best practice use of COINS.

The benefits of this framework to your organisation include;

  1. Greater user buy-in and engagement across all departments – a realisation from the user teams that COINS willdo what they want it to do
  2. Integration of all processes often done outside of COINS that work better if done in COINS
  3. Minimal change required in the COINS configuration, more often the changes are to user roles and user access

If you would like to make better use of your system and resources by realigning your processes and defining roles, email  or call us on 0330 9950200